2-3 year old brief style underwear. Made by RackenzieZ


2-3 year old brief style underwear. Made by RackenzieZ

Rainbow squares fabric

Size: 2-3 years
Style: Briefs

These can be made in other sizes and fabrics, if interested pop over to:


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Why use Cloth Sanitary Pads?

1). They help reduce menstrual cramps, rashes and infections.

Due to having no added chemicals, many women find that once switching to CSP, they get lighter periods, fewer cramps, less yeast infections amongst other benefits.

2). Save you money.

Though there is an initial investment involved in switching to CSP, this is relatively small in comparison to the estimated £5000 most women spend on disposable sanitary products throughout the course of their menstrual life.

3). Help save the planet.

By investing in reusable products, you are helping minimise the ecological impact of not only the production of disposable pads, but also the continuous disposal of pads which take many years to break down in landfill sites.

4). Help support smaller companies.

As a small business, our product range is not based on a national sales plan, but rather on the needs and interests of our clientele. This ensures a range that is more personal and specific to you.

5). They are pretty (come in many different fabrics)

Our pads are manufactured with a wide variety of fabric designs and patterns which is always changing. So even if we are not currently showing a design you would like, come back at a later date and you may be surprised. Alternatively, ask the question and we will offer any assistance we can.

6). You won't run out.

The beauty of reusable products, is that as long as you keep up with washing your products, you will never run out. This means no more late night runs to the shop and no more searching your pockets for spare change due to being all-out.

7). You can buy many shapes and sizes to fit your body.

We have a wide variety of sizes, shapes and absorbency's available, so whatever your flow or body shape we are bound to have the pad for you.

Frequently asked questions about CSP:

Q). How many will I need?

A). On average, a woman will use between 15 and 20 CSP. However this depends on the individuals flow and personal preference with regards to how regularly they change and wash their pads.

Q). Will they not leak?

A). If you are using the correct pad for your flow, this should not be an issue, but for someone who has recently converted to CSP, we recommend trying a variety to find the style and absorbency which suits your body's needs.

Q). Are they thicker than disposables?

A). CSP are slightly thicker than their disposable counterparts, but are still widely accepted to be more comfortable to wear due to the materials they are manufactured from.

Q). How do I clean them?

A). To Wash:-
Please pre-wash all the pads you receive in your own brand of detergent before use.
Rinse well after use, hand or machine wash (40 degree max) then either line dry or tumble dry on a low heat.
I pre-wash all of my materials in non bio powder, to get rid of manufacturing residue, pre shrink fabrics and to boost absorbency.

Q). Where do I store them while I'm out?

A). We are in the process of creating a line of wet-bags to store your used CSP in until you can get them to the wash. The pads are easily fold-able and you should be able to fit a number within the bags which will be released shortly.

Q). How often do I need to change?

A). Again, this is entirely due to your individual needs. If you have a heavy, regular flow you will need to change more regularly than if you have a light, inconsistent flow.

Q). Which size and shape is best for me?

A). I always say that you should buy the same length cloth pad as you used in disposables as this is what you would be used to. Use this as a starting point, and then trial a few until you find one which suits you and you are comfortable with.

Q). How long do CSP last?

A). If properly taken care of and regularly washed, CSP can last you for years; and as such offer fantastic long term savings compared to the disposable alternative, which some estimate cost the average woman up to £5000 during her menstrual life.

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